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My boyfriend left me after marital rape PIL

Better govt should ban marriage.

The Male Factor (TMF)

The first casualty of marital rape PIL. It’s just tip of the iceberg. Blaming MRAs will not help. No woman can be trusted now –


Today, I am writing this letter to you in utter disgust and shame because people like you do exist. I see you are promoting all anti women stuff on your blog which is nothing but pure nonsense. Today, because of your blog my 10 year steady boyfriend left me. He seemed to have read your blog after he came to know about marital rape petition in High Court, and was doing his study on the issue. He came across some of your misogynistic articles on the topic and wanted me to read those, too. When I read them, all of those seemed idiotic, and told him the same. After all, how can a woman be raped daily in marriage and still have no recourse? That’s…

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Twitter to #StopMarriageBill

Twitter is an important social media which can be used by a common man without spending any effort. I am using Twitter for highlighting the menace of biased laws. Marriage Amendment Bill and many other laws are being thrown on innocent men. There are more than 49 laws already which are women favouring. Now goverment is trying to pass marriage amendment bill in loksabha. If this bill is passed then no men will be interested for marriage. Few drawbacks are highlighted in picture.

Please join me to fire tweets to scrap this draconian bill.

Tweet on #StopMarriageBill
Just search this hashtag in twitter and retweet this hashtag.


Swachcha Bharat shall have ‘Swachcha Kanun’

Hon. Prime minister of India
Hon law minister


1. The Bill, out-rightly violates the essence of Article 15 of Indian Constitution which prohibits discrimination against any citizen on the grounds of religion or gender. 

2. The Bill is also unconstitutional as it takes away the basic rights of husbands, even to defend him or save his marriage, whereas the very same Bill gives the same rights only to the wives.

3.In present bill the contribution, duration, assets and ability of female spouse and liabilities and ability of the male spouse is completely ignored.
With latest Hindu Succession Act women is entitled to her share from her own property as a man is. There is no rational in why she should inherit from her in-laws too? What would happen to senior citizens if their son’s marriage is on rocks?

4.The bill essentially extends the “Financial Assistance” clause only to the wife, Cant a husband be poor and helpless as other sections of this act acknowledge.

5. The bill allows wife to use ‘Financial Hardship’ as an objection to block the divorce till her monetary demands are met, thereby legalizing extortion.
With this amendment, instead of letting the couple to arrive at a mutual consent it would only pressurize men to “pay and buy” a divorce, reducing the institution of marriage into “Glorified Prostitution” wives would misuse it for wrongful gains.

6. While 70% of Indians need Food Security Bill , this amendment as a way to protect destitution of women is a logically flawed and essentially a eye wash.

7. Why our legal system wants to punish husbands only on failed marriage?  Failed marriage is not a fault of husband.

   We urge you not to pass such draconian law and save men from another legal extortion racket from wife.

Make in India- Marriage Amendment Bill violating basic human rights


Dear prime minister,

The proposed marriage amendment bill was prepared by feminist congress party.  This bill is totally biased and against men. It is well accepted facts that nowadays wives are filing fake dowry cases 498a and other anti men cases. Husbands are being badly trapped in these false cases. Complete legal system is anti husband and courts are working in biased manner.This proposed bill is again prepared in totally biased manner.  Clause 13 d e and f of this bill are totally biased where the rights of men are ignored.I have full faith in your government and you are the best prime minister of our great nation.

I humbly request you to scrap the above clause from proposed marriage bill and make it gender neutral so that men also can deserve basic human rights in society.


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